Fakes and Fouls

Tweet I have been watching the NBA Playoffs very closely, and I love listening to former NBA Coach Jeff Van Gundy break down the game as a commentator.  He talks about the game from a coaches perspective, and always shares … Continue reading

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Change of Speed

The ability to change speeds with and without the basketball is a very important skill for players to develop.  In some situations, that means going from slow to fast and in others, it may be fast-slow-fast.  The art of changing speeds needs to be a staple of a skill development program and has to be practiced routinely for players to grasp the concept.  I like to teach changing speeds on a scale of 0 to 10, with 0 being a dead stop and 10 being an all out effort.  The ability to change speeds is extremely useful in transition, isolation, and coming off screens (with and without the ball), just to name a few.  Off the dribble, players should work on changing speeds with the ball in the same hand, changing speeds with a change of direction move, and adding hesitations before/between/after dribble moves.  By changing speeds, it allows the offense to keep the defense off balance, and thereby gives the offensive player the advantage.  Here are some clips from the 2012 NBA Playoffs of players utilizing the change of speed with the ball.

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Tony Parker Floater

The floater is a great tool for players to have in their toolbox.  It is a quick shot to use against help defenders and shot blockers when a drive to the basket is cut off.  The key is to develop a soft touch with a high arc to get it over the outstretched arms of defenders around the paint.  Players need to be able to shoot the floater with both hands, off of 1 or 2 feet.  Tony Parker is one of the best in NBA game, as he uses a quick short push of the ball which keeps shot blockers off balance keeping them from timing the shot.  Below is a edit of Parker’s floaters from the 2011-12 season.

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Strong with the ball

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Tweet “Be strong with the ball!”  Players hear it, and coaches typically yell it.  But what does that mean?  It could be chinning the ball and using pivots against an aggressive defender, while keeping the head up to see the … Continue reading

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Michael Jordan – To The Max

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Tweet Watched this movie on Michael Jordan yesterday, and had to share.  There are so many great take away messages from this movie.  Jordan had an unbelievable will to win, and coupled that with a one of a kind work … Continue reading

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Seth Curry Shot Fake Attack



The best skill coaches in the country will tell you that shot fakes are a great tool for players looking to add space-creating elements to their offensive games. They are downright deadly addition to those whose games boast (as Jay Bilas puts it) “shot credibility.” Seth Curry, the 6’2” junior from Duke, is one of those players. Any defender closing out on him must make contesting Curry’s shot attempt their number one priority or risk having their face moisturized by his wet J. With that type of urgency to closeout, a shot fake will send a defender hurtling past Seth in frenzied attempt to stop the shot.

In the following video, Curry shows off one of the more advanced shot fake attack games in all of college basketball. Curry’s shot fake technique itself isn’t perfect, but his movements and reads out of it are very sound. From the standard one and two dribble mid range pull-ups to the more advanced lateral side-step, you’d be hard pressed to find more than a handful of college players with the same level of nuance on a shot fake.

The technical flaw (shown in the second clip) is something Seth must iron out if he wants to maximize his potential for the next level. In that clip, you will see the fake actually takes the ball across the midline of his body. This type of flaw can work in college because the combination of his shooting prowess and college defenders not being particularly disciplined or savvy allow him to get away with it.

But getting away with something at the college level doesn’t do much for a young kid, who, like most, aspires to play at the highest level of basketball. That side to side may seem subtle, but it doesn’t allow for Seth to counter effectively after it, something he will need when longer defenders at higher levels close out under control and generally do a better job of staying on the ground during any challenge.

In particular, swinging the ball from side to side in a shot fake doesn’t allow him to formulate a quick, efficient shot fake-shot attack. That progression is best used when a smart defender (adjusting after already being beaten a shot fake attack from Seth), closes out quickly enough to force Seth into using a shot fake.

After being unable to lift or move the defender to drive around him, Seth’s read versus a defender playing the drive (presumably with his hands down) is now “shot”– but only if his shot fake is compact and quick from chest to release point on his right side (because Seth is right handed). That split second of swinging the ball across his body will cost him the ability to get a shot fake-shot attack off at the next level, something that in combination with his other minor flaws, could limit his potential in the eyes of executives around the globe.

Article by Brett Koremenos – follow Brett on Twitter @BKoremenos

Article posted on HoopSpeak Coaches Forum – http://hoopspeak.com/

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Jordan Game Winner 1997 Finals

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Tweet Here is a short video of Michael Jordan knocking down a game winning shot against the Jazz in Game 1 of the 1996-97 NBA Finals. Bookmark on Delicious Digg this post Recommend on Facebook share via Reddit Share with … Continue reading

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Diana Taurasi Pro-Hop Finish

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Derrick Rose Hang Dribble

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Tweet Derrick Rose Hang Dribble In case you didn’t notice this past season, that Derrick Rose guy was pretty good. While much of the credit goes to his unparalleled speed, power and explosive athleticism at the point guard position, it’s … Continue reading

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Stockton Shoulder to Hip Attack

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Tweet John Stockton Shoulder to Hip Attack A European influence, added pages to the rulebook, and players that seem more athletic every year, the NBA has certainly changed quite a bit over the last decade. In an era where fancy, … Continue reading

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